Database-Driven Online Forms and Web Applications

Vassar Alumnae/i Broadcast Email and Event request forms


Designed and built complete online system in PHP and HTML in 2007 for processing and tracking requests made by staff and volunteers for creation/delivery of broadcast emails, enewsletters, event announcements, and online event registration forms. Public submission forms required input of all information necessary for handling of request, and authenticated staff website allowed staff to readily access and process all submitted information. Revised and updated forms, process, look and feel, and database over time based on feedback from staff and volunteers, change in alumnae/i website design, and updates in broadcast email and event management software used to process requests.

Discarded above system and rebuilt online request forms in in 2016, eliminating need for in-house maintenance of database. Simplified request process, tailored forms to latest third party vendor software used for broadcast emails and online event management.


  • Separate forms for broadcast email requests and online event requests
  • Customized paths through request forms
  • Additional fields displayed only to staff requestors
  • Easy file uploads of images/documents related to requests
  • Error-checking of required information to ensure submissions are complete
  • Confirmation of submissions sent to requestor and to relevant staff processor(s)
  • Detailed help documentation provided for both staff and volunteers

Explore the request system and online documentation for volunteers.


Vassar Alumnae/i Recognition and Board Nomination Web Application


Took a number of flat file FileMaker databases and rebuilt them as a single relational database in FileMaker. Learned and used FileMaker's PHP Site Assistant tool as a starting point to build a new secure web application (prior web application was in Witango) for accessing and using the new FileMaker database.

The web application allows authorized members of the nominating or alumnae/i recognition committees access to the secure database to search for and evaluate candidates, make additional submissions of their own, and record all their research on candidates in one place.


  • System replaced a number of printed forms and other snail-mail data review methods with a single online system, increasing efficiency of committee members and decreasing paper waste
  • All data stored on a secure server with access restricted by limited individual logins
  • Allows committee members to conduct their work anytime, anywhere with an internet connection